Elevator Landing Door Lock - Κλειδαριά ΕΝ 81-20

Hellenic industrial property organisation
-Violation detection mechanism for lift landing door locks-

Invention nr. 1009517

The new safety mechanism is a mechanical and electrical parts assembly. The purpose of the mechanism is to transmit the external command of the manually lift door unlock  to the elevator control system.


 A technician uses the safety triangle key for emergency door lock open, 
An unauthorized person try to open the lift doot lock using the safety triangle key,
A technician uses the safety triangle key for maintenance reasons.


A signal from the lift door lock goes to the lift control system in order to activate
  the service mode. Furthermore a warning noise and a light alarm is being activated in the lift well. 

How it works:

1. Entry the emergency triangle key in the hole of landing door lock 
2. The sensor in the main axle of landing door lock is getting activated
3. The signal pass to the lift control system
4. The lift control system from normal mode turns to service mode
5. The lift control activates the alarm in the lift well 

How it protects the passengers

If an unauthorised person opens the semiautomatic landing door using the triangle safety key while the cabin is not on the floor and leave it open,  there is possibility an unsuspecting passenger to free fall in the lift well. The alarm warns.

How it protects the technicians 

If an technicians works in the lift well or on the pit floor, the lift must be always in the service mode. Using this system it is not necessary to go to the machine room to turn it from normal to service mode. When a technician using the triangle emergency key in order to open the door, automatically the service mode is activated.

Key Points

If an unauthorised person try to open the lift door using the emergency triangle key immidiately an alarm is activated.
This signal can be passed direct to the official technician via phone network in order to inform him that some body tryies to violate the landing door or the landing door is open and the cabin is not on same level with the floor.
This system protects the technician who works in the lift well or in the pit floor if forgot to turn manually from normal to inspection mode.   
This system can works with several types of lift landing door locks for semiautomatic and automatic doors.

 This system was made for safety reasons